ESET & Intel: Boost security with a multilayered approach

Intel vPro® Provides Clear ROI

92% agree: PCs are more secure with Intel vPro®

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common, leading to skyrocketing security costs for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, cutting cybersecurity costs will only lead to more damaging consequences down the road, challenging SMBs to identify cost-effective solutions that protect their data without ruining their bottom line. This Forrester Total Economic Impact study, based on interviews and survey responses from IT managers and administrators, identifies multiple benefits to adopting Intel’s newest security platform: Intel vPro®. The platform enables fast and reliable laptops and desktops that IT departments can more efficiently and effectively manage and secure. Other benefits include device management cost savings, improved employee experience and efficiency, and a reduction in both time and expensive remediation of imaging and patching failures.

Download the report and learn how Intel vPro® can help protect your business.

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