ESET & Intel: Boost security with a multilayered approach

Multilayered Approach Enhances Security

Intel Hardware Shield blends three unique security solutions

Security matters more than ever as cyberattacks evolve to evade detection by software-only security methods. Threats are moving down the computing stack, using remote worker endpoint PCs as a direct vector into networks, cloud, and SaaS applications. Bad actors no longer just steal data, they can commandeer computing resources on a massive scale. Too often, the way in is a compromised PC that offers-up access identity, encryption keys, and passwords, in addition to sensitive data.

Read this white paper to find out how Intel Hardware Shield blends three groups of security technologies — below-the-OS security, application and data protections, and advanced threat protections — to deliver optimal hardware and software security.

Download the paper to learn how Intel can help protect your business.

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