Powering Hybrid Work with the Right Tools

Innovation to Strengthen a Blended Workforce

The hybrid advantage – what your workforce needs to thrive.

In this essential webinar Diego Silva, Senior Technical Market Analyst at Intel and Steven Brown, Director of Research & Experience Dev at Intel, join Jinyu Mao, HP  Director of Product Planning for Premium Notebooks, to discuss the current state of hybrid work and the fundamental need for the “right PC.” Our speakers will also provide an introduction to the HP Dragonfly and Intel vPro®.

Across all demographics most want a balance between in-office and remote working, and what enables that successful balance is a reliable PC for your ever-changing needs. Employees want seamless connectivity, quality display, high-level multi-tasking, and portability. Watch now for solutions that put your hybrid tech requirements front and center.

Watch the webinar to learn more

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