Transforming the Future of Work

Building the Modern Digital Workspace

Remote work presents both new rewards and new challenges

The definition of “workspace” has drastically evolved over the past decade. We’ve seen a significant jump in the adoption of the digital workspace as the new norm across many industries, driven in part by the pandemic, changing employee expectations, and new sustainability imperatives to reduce energy consumption. Enterprises need to adopt employee-centric digital workspace strategies that benefit both employees and employers. With this approach, enterprises can enhance the security of their devices, boost employee and devices productivity, and improve overall user experience in tackling the IT issue.

However, achieving such a transformation is not easy. Organizations need a clear understanding of employee pain points and how to leverage technology to resolve these problems. This white paper provides a definitive guide for enterprises to become an intelligent, secure, and connected workspace while ensuring well-being of employees and adopting sustainable practices. Workspace experts highlight how enterprises can perform a self-assessment on their workspace maturity, understand the data requirements needed for workspace transformation, and chalk a transformation roadmap to define how they’ll get there.

Download the white paper here

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